Transform RSA is a grassroots socio-economic movement positioned to transform South Africa’s economic landscape while emancipating the poor, encouraging the middle class and affluent society of South Africa to take active roles in the development of South Africa.

Meet Our President

Adil Nchabeleng

Lobbying and advocacy institution for Africans


We uncovered the systemic racisim within South African banks and used the bank industry's own COVID-19 actions to build a court case against them.

COVID-19 Bread Drive

With donations from our generous community, we donated thousands of loves of bread across townships in Gauteng, South Africa.

IPP Case Against Eskom

We highlighted how Eskom is being strategically sabotaged to create unethical contract opportunities for IPP's (Independent Power Providers)
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"To understand South Africa, follow the money and you will see that every part, step and stage of our history as a country was always fought on the basis of money, for the control of resources and land"
Adil Nchabeleng